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Hey Geeks!

Hey Geeks!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

What I wore:

Top - Target

Skirt - Forever 21

Shoes - Forever 21
$9.99 - SALE!

Necklace - Forever 21

Bangle - Forever 21

Ring - Forever 21

Hair piece - Forever 21
$1.50 - SET!


I blow dryed my hair out while squinching the hair together to make curly. Put Silk shine in it while wet then blow dry. To put the hair piece - the bow - in your hair, first twist your top piece of your hair then the second layer of your hair twist. After that, you should have to pieces of hair that is twisted, next take both of those twisted hair and twist them together. Put the bow in desired however far you want it back. On the other side of your head, take a thin to thick piece of hair and just twist down. Put an elastic to hold it at the bottom. Put hair spray and gel in your hair to make sure the curls stay.

Make up:

Cover up - MAC
Studio Fix

Mascara - Clinque

Lipgloss - Bath and Body works
Cranberry Frost

I didnt put much make up, i didnt want to overdue my make up with this outfit.

Sunday, December 6, 2009